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Shoutbase Public Roadmap

Published by Scott Becker on
Shoutbase Public Roadmap

The Shoutbase team is building software to help teams more effectively manage their time and do their best work.

One of our goals is to build in public, involve our users, and demonstrate forward progress and momentum. This is a signal that savvy users look out for when choosing a software solution.

As part of that goal, we are publishing our product roadmap!

Shoutbase Public Roadmap

For now, we will publish a simple read-only kanban board. This works for other SaaS companies like Front (see their roadmap here), and Buttondown (see their roadmap here), among others, so it should work fine for Shoutbase as well.

There are fancier solutions with voting and discussion forums (see Expo’s Roadmap for a good example). Once our user base is significant enough to warrant this, we might consider switching. But for now, follow along with our progress on our kanban board, and be sure to reach out if there are any features you’d like to see added to Shoutbase!

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