Flexible Time and Goal Tracking

Fast and simple way to track your time and stick to your goals. Works across your entire team. Easy-to-use reports help you make informed decisions.


Stay organized with tags

Shoutbase uses tags for organizing time. Tags can be created on the fly and combined as needed. They're optional, so you can log time now, and organize it later. Use team tags to track shared projects. Use personal tags to track things for yourself.

Team & personal

Work with your team

It’s simple to invite members to join a team on Shoutbase and track time on group projects. You can create as many teams as needed to match your organization's structure. Team members see the tags that belong to their team. Team admins can view team-wide reports.

Group projects
Match org structure
Easy to use

Achieve your goals

Need to stick to a budget of hours, or make sure to spend enough time on what's important? Set up goals in Shoutbase and stay on track.

Monitor progress
Increase effectiveness

Get the data you need

See your team's time at a glance. Filter by tags, people, or date range. Your data is always yours. Export to CSV to use your data anywhere you need to.

Filter data
Export CSV
Shoutbase Desktop App

Work wherever you are

Track time on the go with your iOS or Android phone. Using the desktop app, conveniently access Shoutbase with a keyboard shortcut or the system menu.

Menu tray timer
Global shortcut

Integrate with the tools you love

Shoutbase integrates with a variety of services, making time tracking easier and more efficient than ever. Create invoices in Google Docs or Quickbooks, sync time with GitHub or Jira, and automatically track time spent in meetings and events in Google Calendar. Learn more.

Increase productivity

See last week at a glance

You'll get a nice summary of your team's time from last week, every Monday in your inbox. See hours per day and total for the week for each team member, and the last time they updated Shoutbase.

High level summary
Looks great
Easy to use

Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll pay

Personal Team
Free $9
Single user Per user / per month
Unlimited Time Records
Unlimited Tags
Unlimited Teams
Unlimited Goals
Mobile App (Web)
Desktop App (Mac)
Email Reports
Export CSV
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